Medical House Calls


We come to your home, office, or hotel and treat most medical conditions.

Save time and keep your life on track: we deliver the care to homes and offices within Southern Fairfield County. Our main services include discussing, diagnosing, and treating acute and chronic medical conditions of all types.

If you can not come to one of our offices or would prefer to be treated at home or at your office, we will bring the healthcare to you!

We are your family doctor, ever ready to treat ALL of your family healthcare needs.

House calls. They’re all about you.

Home, office, or hotel, vacation or work travel—we are there for you wherever you are. Avoid the E.R., the walk-in or waiting weeks for a doctor’s appointment. We’re at your door when you need us. We don’t focus on your insurance carrier, we focus on you and your families needs.

We treat most medical conditions by spending time with you, listening and observing in order to truly understand your health needs. This assures an accurate, personal diagnosis and an effective treatment plan.

We provide FREE Laboratory testing for the most common blood tests needed and HUGE discounts on most medicines.

Pricing is based on a monthly Membership or Pay-as-you go pricing is also available.

One State, many neighborhoods.  We’re there for you!

We provide affordable, personalized medical house calls to Connecticut residents and visitors.

We feel privileged to care for people in Connecticut, and it’s wonderful how appreciative they are of our service.

Service to make you smile

Our first question isn’t going to be about your insurance—it’s about you and your health. We provide full-service family health care services including treatment of acute & chronic conditions such as: urgent conditions of the head/eyes/ears/nose/throat, skin, stomach, muscles, and pulmonary system, as well as flu and fever plus general conditions like allergies, STDs, insomnia, and urinary tract infections.

In addition to the specific conditions we treat, we also:

  • obtain comprehensive medical histories
  • perform diagnostic exams
  • prescribe and provide medications
  • renew prescriptions
  • order and interpret lab tests and x-rays (billed by the provider or directly by the facility)

If they’re required, we can order and interpret lab tests and x-rays (billed directly by the facility), we are affiliated with major hospitals, and we can provide trusted referrals to traditional and alternative sub-specialties.

Here’s how it works. Start by raising your expectations for medical care.

When you call, we’ll ask some general questions about your symptoms and your general health to help us prepare for your house call. Our first question is never about your insurance carrier—it’s always about you and your health.

We bring the medical office to your home, office or hotel. If we’re running late because of traffic, we’ll call to let you know.

You’re a patient, not a number waiting on line. We spend as much time as we need focused on you. We talk through your medical history and discuss, diagnose, and treat your condition. This time together is important to us: it helps us to accurately understand your condition and to recommend a treatment plan.

Before we leave, we’ll answer any questions you may have and make sure you understand your diagnosis and treatment. We’ll also give you a receipt for payment with all the codes insurance providers require to file a claim (many insurance companies will reimburse house call fees).

Within 24 hours, we’ll give you a follow-up call to be sure you’re on the mend and to answer any additional questions.