Sore Throats


A sore throat is a very common symptom which could be an indicator of a series of ailments, including many that can often be treated via Virtual Visit. It can be difficult for a patient to know if they have a Cold, Allergies, Strep Throat, or Tonsillitis unless they visit with a doctor.

The Providers at House Calls are trained to evaluate your symptoms and, depending on the clinical circumstances, diagnose and treat the various causes of a sore throat specifically through a Video Visit.

A sore throat can also be an early sign of the flu. A new CDC guideline for flu suggests that you need to take antiviral medications such as Tamiflu within 48 hours in order for these medications to be effective. However, by the time you start realizing you’re sick, a day has already passed. Based on the clinical assessment performed through the Video Visit, your doctor is able to determine if you need antiviral medication such as Tamiflu, or over-the-counter medication, at home remedies, or other treatment to relieve your symptoms.

Many patients wonder how it works.

During a Virtual Visit, doctors ask many questions — e.g. have you had this before? Have you traveled recently? Does anyone around you have the same symptoms? How long has this been happening? Your physician may also ask to review medication history and other medical information that is readily available.

During Video Visits, our providers also examine patients. For example, the physician can use the video and high resolution camera on your phone to look deep inside a patient’s mouth. Depending on the clinical circumstances, doctors are able to look for inflammation as well as carefully monitor other symptoms you may be experiencing such as congestion, swollen eyes, difficulty swallowing or speaking, and more. Your doctor can often use this information to make a diagnosis and then treat your condition safely and effectively.